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WECS Radio Tribute to David Foster December 24 from 1-4 pm at 90.1 FM and www.wecsradio.com

Special radio tribute to David Foster on Tuesday December 24 from 1-4 pm on WECS at 90.1 FM & www.wecsfm.com. Please call the studio 860-456-2164 to share love and live shout outs for David and his family. They will get a copy of our collective gift of thanks!

Were you at the final Wolf Deb show this Saturday? I was! It was beautiful, emotional and a powerful manifestation of spirit and music in action with members of Shaboo University that could make it.Did you miss it? Please take this opportunity to join this RADIO THANK YOU and add your voice to the chorus!

Call in anytime with love, stories and let David know how you feel about everything he has done for our community.Thank you in advance for calling WECS at 860-456-2164 on Christmas Eve between 1-4 pm.

John Murphy
The Pan American Express

Family Gathering at Shaboo University December 20, 2019

Northeast Connecticut Arts

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Project Update

Research About Current Level of Need and Priorities

This is an update to the article just published in the July 2019 issue of Neighbors, about the creation of a new arts-based promotion and communication service for the northeast Connecticut region. It was designed to serve individual artists, arts groups and organizations, venues, museums and galleries and anyone participating in our arts economy. Article link below but please review this post before going there, thanks.


This update is an outreach effort to collect information from our arts community about the level, frequency and variety of need in our region for media creation and production, website building, graphic design, social media outreach and using other communication channels.

A short and simple survey is being prepared and YOU are invited and encouraged to send me a quick email to receive a copy. For once, do the impulsive thing(!) and do this to help build a new well to support the health and success of any arts effort at any scale. The survey is electronic and will take very little time. The most important thing now is your participation!

The consideration you give to your goals and planning for future needs is the precious lifeblood that will give life, purpose and meaning to the collective success of this service effort. Two last things to share about project finances and the menu of service and cost options:

Northeast Connecticut Arts is being created as a new regional arts media service that will be based at a significant local and well-established community service agency with many programs. More information will be shared very soon as final details and arrangements are made. Watch this space for regular news and look for the August Neighbors with a major update.

Grant and sponsor funding has been targeted to expand the service and make it more available and accessible in an economically challenged region with people and organizations that are committed to growth but face resource limitations. My goal is to provide subsidy funding to match 50% investments from potential clients who are actively engaged in their own future and who want to collaborate and leverage all possible resources.

Thanks in advance for staying in touch at john@humanartsmedia.com and I will send you a survey to include your story in this effort to serve people in the Quiet Corner.

Welcoming Post – Intro

Welcome to Human Arts Media

This is the homepage for sharing my work in local community media–radio, TV, web and print. The website is under major revisions during July 2019 to reflect new work and projects underway.

Each section contains information and program samples with links to YouTube and Facebook channels where the content is posted.

If you need promotion or other media support for your good work please feel free to contact me at john@humanartsmedia.com.