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Sad news! Creation of new programs in our series was suspended in late 2019, due to policy changes by the owners of the public access studio that eliminated professional staff support for all local programs. All local shows must be now produced by the program hosts with their own crews.

Our series was created as a collaboration for community service by the professional staff working directly with media interns and trainees to maintain quality and integrity of programs. This is no longer possible.

Since that time I have been trying to find a new studio for On the Homefront to resume operations–and it may be at the studios of WECS Radio 90.1 FM at Eastern Connecticut State University! Live radio merged with local TV and regional digital media.

Special half-hour segments of the Pan American Express radio series, airing live on Tuesdays 12–4 pm, could be video-recorded as On the Homefront features for airing on local TV, Facebook channels and websites. This is still being developed and with the impact of the pandemic there may be further delays. Nevertheless, I am determined to find a way to make this work and will post news and updates as progress happens.


For over 22 years, three awards, and almost 700 episodes, this local series has been a joy to share with guests and viewers. Programs are presented on Charter Channel 192 three times each week:

Tuesdays at 2:30 PM
Thursdays at 8:00 PM
Saturdays at 2:00 PM

Programs are also available for 24/7 on-demand streaming on any computer or device

A direct link to the Channel 192 Homepage = Charter Public Access TV Website. Go to the programming area.

I am preparing a list of individual highlight programs, but the whole series is available online.

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