Heroin Town Related Videos/Background and Context for 2017 Dialogue Series

Heroin Town Related Videos
Background and Context for 2017 Dialogue Series

When you have time take a look at these two programs that are 10 years apart. Notice any changes in messaging and the feelings of the people involved. What changed? What did not?

One thing is painfully true. In 2017 we are living in Heroin Nation and we better talk about it together, out in the open and with the intention of completing the process of healing and restoration that the original 2003 60 minutes story started.

The only way to heal community wounds is to clean them out and apply love and positive action. Let’s throw away the judgements and the baggage and the fears and bring all of our cousins to the table…

2004 Documentary Directed and Produced by Josh Goldbloom

The Hotel Hooker was once a quiet rooming house nestled in the suburbs of Connecticut. In the summer of 2003, the national media exploited it as a drug stop, a prostitution ring, and a dangerous place to live. Don’t believe everything that you hear. Meet the residents of the Hotel Hooker, as they struggle to uncover the truth behind the controversy. This is the story of a town fighting back against their image. This is a story about the lies we read and listen to every day. This is the story about the labels we place and the stereotypes that exist around us. Through intimate and often hilarious interviews, HEROIN TOWN follows the residents of the hotel and the people of Willimantic, Connecticut as they try to restore the damage that destroyed their hometown. It is a story of hope, dedication, humor, and ultimately survival.

From YouTube/Length: 1 hour 22 minutes…and worth every minute!


2014 Film by Patrick Blair, Sky Robitaille and David Nilson

From YouTube/Length: 22 minutes…and also worth every minute!

2017 Reality Check

Watch this space for more information about the Heroin Town Revisited series being planned for this fall.

I am inviting the original members of the 2004 Task Force to join us and share their experiences at the time and reflect on how much and how little has changed. People in our region will be invited to participate as well.

Charter Public Access TV will rebroadcast the original series of 4 programs about the Heroin Town CBS story and the community response. They will provide a launching pad for a 2017 reality check and public discussion.

Updates will be shared on WECS Radio, Neighbors and the On the Homefront TV series on Charter Channel 192.

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