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Launched in 2019, this service offers a new form of media and communication support for artists and arts organizations across our region—Northeast Connecticut Arts.

A unique marketing and promotion service is available that is based in the heart of the arts community and a network of locally-based media channels, websites, and social media platforms. Radio, audio, video and print content can tell stories—small and large—about artists, special events, arts councils/guilds, related organizations and programs.

Material produced can be used for promotion and fundraising, for applications to win or renew grants, and for training or archiving. Funding sources increasingly require digital and media submissions with filings. Once created, digital content can be widely distributed and shared to increase the efficiency and range of outreach.

This effort has many goals and purposes for serving our arts community in the short and long term:

  • I want to provide free-lance and part-time work opportunities for media workers in our region, in all areas of creation and production to meet client needs. If you are looking for work, you should connect with me to possibly join the team I am organizing.
  • I am launching this organization as a new small business startup, to show the value and need for an arts communication network. But my goal is to transition into a nonprofit operating model and develop grant/sponsor funding. I plan to use this support to subsidize (match) the investments in their own work by individuals, groups and organizations, small or large, new or established, across our region.


After many years of outreach, radio conversations, TV interviews and other communications across our region two things are very clear to me: one is that many artists still work in isolation and apart from the larger art community and its resources. The other is that arts organizations usually work independently and rarely share resources or projects. The new media support system offered by Northeast Connecticut Arts can serve both sides of this relationship holistically and efficiently at small or large scales.


If an artist wants to explore the possibilities of moving her/his art beyond the personal or hobbyist experience and pursue the business side of making a living through art, then a higher level of communication about the work is essential to success. It is a matter of scale, starting with small basics and progressing as opportunities develop. But you must invest to grow!


A rainbow of arts councils, guilds, venues and museums across our region are always looking for new members, but they struggle to make the new connections with the public as well as emerging artists. As organizations develop, their need for internal and external communication increases. Larger fundraising efforts require even more concentrated and controlled promotion and public outreach. This media toolbox can help you succeed.

The charts below provide an overview of media options and possible frequencies of need for the types of media support available from Northeast Connecticut Arts:

Regional Arts Media Services Potential Clients
Potential Clients Frequency of Need (est.) Scale of Need Menu of Services
Art Councils/Guilds Events—1 or 2 per year Package Option Based on client need
Art Galleries Events—6 per year Package Option Based on client need
Art Venues Weekly Package Option Based on client need
Museums Monthly Package Option Based on client need
Art Businesses Monthly Package Option Based on client need
Individual Artists As needed/on-demand A La Carte Based on client need
Menu of Available Media Services



Distribution Options Include:

radio, website, cable TV, YouTube, email/newsletter and print


Service Frequency
Video—15 minute story Once
Video—5 minute story Once
Video –1 minute story One or two times/year
Radio PSA or Ad (60 sec) As needed—can be date/event targeted or evergreen
Radio interview—15 min As needed—can be date/event targeted or evergreen
Radio interview—5 min As needed—can be date/event targeted or evergreen
Print Ad As needed
New web site Once for setup
Update existing website As needed
New Facebook Page Once for setup
Update existing FB pages As needed
Regional FB Group Posts As needed
Event photography As needed

The service can provide custom media packages, or a la carte service based on client needs and available resources. As with most media productions there is no single or standard way to create stories and messages. There are many aspects involved, including location or studio recording, scripting, client presence, photo inserts, and whether the purpose is informational or persuasive. Production costs can vary widely. The beauty of this media model and operation is that is works well at any scale of need and resource base.

You are invited to learn more about this new media service and how it may serve your efforts by contacting me directly. We can explore all options based on your specific needs and circumstances.

John Murphy

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