The Pan American Express

Live Radio with Video Streaming
Wednesdays 12-3 pm

90.1 FM

Eastern Connecticut State University

John Murphy Invites You to Participate Every Week

An inspired mix of news, music (including local!), conversations, phone calls and unusual audio surprises. Audio archeology is part of my vision and mission. Musicians, writers and poets visit sometimes.

Regular coverage of all aspects of life at Eastern, especially the arts and public events.

Many interviews are planned with local officials, service organizations, artists, community action organizations. Special updates from our local NAACP chapter and CT Veterans for Peace. Our community is under great stress and I want to share radio with people who are making a difference—to get YOUR voices out across our region.

ALL are invited to join me on the phone! Express your thoughts, hopes, fears, inspirations, and concerns in a free open and safe space for dialogue and not hysteria. There is too much noise and mental pollution in the media these days.

If you have anything to share please contact me via email now and we can plan ahead for guests every week!

Studio phone = 860-456-2164
Email =

John Murphy, Faculty, Communication Department

[Note:  this section of my website is undergoing updates in content and layout. I am sharing material with you as the process moves forward.]

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